Nashville/Other Updates

During my Nashville travels, I was fortunate enough to meet the extremely talented singer/songwriter Camille Rae.  Her amazing voice can stop traffic, I’m pleased to announce that I’m currently producing a new track for her (and hopefully creating some highway headaches). It should be finished very soon, and I’ll be posting it here when it is.  In the meantime , I’m keeping busy  with a couple of new See Green songs  and an upcoming trip to Stockholm for some potentially very exciting co-writes. Stay tuned for the fruits of these various musical labors!

“Best Ink” Placement

Happy New Year to all! 2014 is off to a good start already with a new placement for “Closer,” this time on the show “Best Ink” (Oxygen). I was actually informed about said placement after the fact, but it isn’t too late to catch it on re-runs…so if you happen to be watching, keep your ears open! Much more is in the pipeline, including a brand new See Green EP, so stay tuned…

Total Divas

No, I am not referring to myself. But I AM referring to my song, “Closer,” which was recently featured on E’s new show about the WWE, “Total Divas.” I never thought my music would provide a backdrop for this:

But I’m kind of glad it did!

Something New!

Well, the new double A-Side single is finally finished, and I am proud to debut it here. You can listen to both songs below, and if you like them, you can buy them here:




Exciting Happenings


Two exciting things to report:

1) Tune in to “The Real World: Portland” tonight at 10pm on MTV. “Think Twice” will be featured on the episode, vocals included!

2) Two brand new See Green tracks are set for release later this week. They will form a double A-side single called “Something New,” and here’s the cover:

2 Fridays, 2 Shows

See Green will be performing both this Friday AND next Friday, and I’m pretty excited for these shows. Details:

Friday, July 13th- Acoustic set at Taix, 1911 W. Sunset Blvd @ 10:30 (free)

Friday, July 20th- Full band show at Satellite, 9:30pm ($5)

Come out and catch us at one of these shows, or even better, at both!

More Music on TV!

I’m pleased to announce that two See Green songs, “Get What I Want” and “The Neighborhood,” were featured on the premiere of The Real World: St. Thomas last week. There are re-runs galore on MTV, so be sure to check it out, and stay tuned for more placement news!