EAT, SLEEP, DRINK MUSIC "Armed with a new band name and an updated, more muscular sound, [frontwoman Courtenay] Green appears to be ready for her close-up."

MIDWEST RECORD "[A] genre-splicing date from a proudly left-of-center writer/vocalist that wants to sassily rip your heart from its capillaries and play with it... Heady contemporary stuff to keep an ear on."

MUSIC TAP: "A collection of excellent power pop/rock cuts, every one a well-honed and perfect tune... Violet is a solid, if not perfect, extended single with some very accessible tracks."

INDEPENDENT CLAUSES: "A rowdy blast of synthy, poppy fun. It's easy to listen to, and almost rolls down the windows on your car for you."

ANDI LIT: "Pop-rock minstrels come from the faraway land of California to get our feets tapping and lift our spirits... A little retro, a little odd, a little fierce, a little just right."

THIS WINKI'S: "Joyous pop fertilizer... Next thing you know, SEE GREEN might be on VH1."